Adventuring Companions

Adventuring Companions

The life of an adventurer is not an easy one, especially far away from the connections they had before leaving to risk all in search for gold and glory. That’s why so many of them end up creating strong bonds with their fellow adventurers.

Each player character can (though is not obligated to) choose another player character (preferably from a different player) as his Adventuring Companion. It’s best that this decision be made after they reach at least 1st level in a class, when they will already have experienced dangerous situations together, forming a friendship and trusting each other with their lives. Doing so provides advantages and disadvantages, as follows:


  • The player character can spend Luck to affect the dice rolls of
    the Adventuring Companion as if they were his or her own.
  • At the end of an adventure, the character can recover one point
    of Luck if he or she spent Luck points to help the Adventuring
    Companion in dramatic situations (at the judge’s discretion).
  • At the end of an adventure, the character recovers a point of
    Luck if they finished the adventure together, safe and (mostly)
    sound, and they share a drink in front of a fire.
  • At the judge’s discretion, the character can earn Luck points for
    other significant actions that affect the Adventuring
    Companion—e.g., risking life and limb to save the Adventuring
    Companion, etc.


  • The character loses a point of Luck each time the Adventuring
    Companion drops to zero hit points while adventuring with the
    PC (even if healed afterward). This is a stressful situation for
    both of them.
  • The character loses a point of Luck each time he or she willingly
    takes actions to damage, undermine, or betray the Adventuring
    Companion (at the judge’s discretion).
  • If the Adventuring Companion dies, the character loses 1d4
    points of Luck and has to wait at least 1d4 months before being
    able to choose another Adventuring Companion and forge
    another strong bond.

With any luck, this rule will bring a little more dynamism to the
table and encourage the group to forge connections between their
characters and create interesting moments.

Adventuring Companions

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