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Gods of Aereth

The Hidden Lord
Justicia, the Helmless Vigil
Lasheeva, Lady Dissolution

Character Roster: Party #1

Gore Cabot, Warrior, Level 4
Hugh Fry, Thief, Level 4
June July, Cleric of Justicia, Level 4
Aidan, Cleric of the Hidden Lord, Level 4
Eudicot Verbiscum, Elf, Level 4
Largo Goodcloak, Halfling Scoundrel, Level 4

Character Roster: Party #2

Rufus, Wizard, Level 1
Cullen, Cleric, Level 1
Ivy Leaves, Elf, Level 1
Ty Bolo, Halfling, Level 1
Aspen Oakes, Elf, Level 1
Cullen, Cleric, Level 1

Character Roster: Party #3

Willow, Elf, Level 1
Magpie, Wizard, Level 1
Fyodor, Warrior, Level 1
Craven, Thief, Level 1
Gilhurst, Cleric, Level 1
Membe, Halfling (RIP?!)

Campaign Log: Party #1

See the Adventure Log.

Campaign Log: Party #3

The Frost Fang Expedition

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