Drunk Luck


It's an iconic scene in many Sword & Sorcery stories: the adventurers are all gathered in a seedy tavern, sharing tales of their daring adventures and drinking beer and wine, as if they had no worries. In a setting where magic healing isn't as common as other genre-fantasy worlds, a sip of wine can give a breather for a beaten warrior, but it can cost them their reflexes too.

The following rules were created for a game with no magic healing and with a desire to make the consumption of alcohol by the characters somewhat important in the game. A drink can help you recover hit points, but you can get drunk doing that. If that happens, as it's said, then Lady Luck may favor you.

Alcohol Limit: Each character has a maximum number of drinks they may consume per day without the risk of getting drunk. This number is 4 modified by the character's Stamina modifier, varying from 1 to 7 doses. A dose can be either a mug of beer of a tiny glass of a really strong spirit.

A Drink to Soothe the Pain: After a combat or action encounter where the character lost HP, the character can rest for a full turn and drink a dose of alcohol to recover some of the lost HP. He can roll his Hit Dice downgraded by 1d on the dice chain for the amount of HP regained. The character can't recover more HP than he lost on his last combat though. For example, a PC with a d10 HD could take a drink and roll a d8 for healing.

Drunk's Foolhardiness: After drinking a dose of alcohol, the
character enjoys a +1 bonus on Will saves for 1d4 turns. Drunken
people are always more courageous than they should be.

Luck Favors the Drunk: Once per game session, when the character
has drunk more than his Alcohol Limit, they receive a point of Luck. The character, however, cannot be drinking alone and need at least another companion drinking with him.

Getting Drunk: When a character drinks more than his Alcohol
Limit, he needs to pass a DC 15 (+2 for each additional drink) Fort save or suffer a –1d penalty for all actions until he is sober again (making another Fort save with the same DC – the DC get reduced by 2 by each hour thereafter).

"Drunk's Luck": While a character is drunk (see above), and only while he is drunk, he may spend a point of Luck to increase a roll (any roll) one step on the dice chain. He can do that as much as he wants, until the die reaches d30.

With these simple rules, the role of drinking in the fiction of the game can be really enhanced and made more iconic to the story, as it should be considering the literature that inspired it.

Drunk Luck

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