Dungeon Crawl Classics

DCC #84.1: Punjar Planet Prelude

The Purple Planet

The party completes its journey to Punjar after completing their purge of the Croaking Fane.

They stop in to the Silent Maid to hear rumors from Finris the Blind, where Gore inpresses the locals.

At the docks, Eudicot meets some fellow Kindred of the Wood, led by Ingophil. He rescues them from the drunken dwarven captain Zaghar and obtains a book for his trouble, The Notes of Finrodil the Traveler.

Hugh takes an assignment from Serapha Rull at the Thieves Guild and gains a choice cloak from the demesne of Jhan Grayblade.

Aiden asks around in the Souk Bazaar for a magical axe or other weapon, but has no luck (yet).

Gore searches for rumors, work, and a cure for Schaphigroadaz’ Spoilation from Dramas the Hawk, and learns that beneath the Black Hollow in Old City is the key to considerable riches.

June July is frustrated by the greedy priest of the Temple of Justicia.

Largo searches in vain for a cure for the Spoilation before finally settling on the sisters of Lasheeva, the Lady of Dissolution. They perform a dangerous ritual to cure him — successfully — but in doing so, the party is drawn through a portal to the Purple Planet for reasons unknown.

They emerge to witness a battle between Kith beast-men, unravel the secret to a door rune, and plunder two strange weapons. Trapped on the alien planet, they ponder their next move.



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