Dungeon Crawl Classics

DCC #84.2: Run Through the Mushroom Jungle

Inside the ziggurat, the party discovers the body of an ancient sorcerer-king and the remains of an ancient greenstone. Eudicot deduces they must find a replacement for the stone if they are ever to return home. They decide to remain in the ziggurat for the night and head out to explore the next morning.

The next day, they head east toward the mushroom jungle. As they cross the wastes, they encounter a massive death orm, which they slay. In its stomach, Cabot discovers a mysterious skullcap, the purpose of which is unknown. Both rayrifles are expended defeating the orm. Aiden (or the runeblade) thirsts for powerful enemies to slay, including the orm.

The party reaches the mushroom jungle, and Aiden finds some to be edible and to match the ones found back on Aereth. Eudicot does some reconaissance and discovers a war party of kith headed their way. They lay an ambush and manage to dispatch or drive off most of them, save for one, which they capture. They interrogate the kith, with limited results.

They decide to remain in the mushroom jungle for the night, discovering the weirdling sun saps their strength every day they remain on the planet.



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